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00 ENGINEERED TOUGH 01 ENGINEERED TOUGH At OccuNomix, our job is to engineer safety gear that's as tough and strong as you are. Protective gear built to keep you on the job. Doing what you do. Gear that works seamlessly with your body and the way you work. That's how we define Occupational Ergonomics. It's in our name. And because our reputation rides on our name, we push our products to the limit three different ways: Innovation OccuNomix has a legacy for being an early and careful innovator within the categories where we compete. In 1982, we started in ergonomic gloves before the idea of ergonomics was even fashionable. By the 1990's, we were already known for products to manage heat stress and cold stress. By 2000, we were offering more durable high visibility vests that resulted from production meth- ods that are still uniquely used by us - and not by our competitors. So by being careful innovators, we create lasting innovations that can truly impact your in- dustrial life - can truly make you more safe and comfortable for the work you do. Innovation that is worth investing in. Third Party Testing As part of our investment in proven innovation, we are committed to third par- ty testing of our products. Particularly today, we feel it is more important than ever to provide products that are proven to be what they say they are and that perform the way you expect them to. Distributor Support As an organization, we are also committed to our distributor partners. Impor- tantly, we recognize the market relies on us to be experts in the categories we serve and able to help communicate the safety and productivity benefits of the products we build. We are here for you. ENGINEERED TOUGH FOR THE BODY AT WORK

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