Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 42 Amped for High Visibility

OCCUNOMIX.COM 00 PUBLIC SAFETY OCCUNOMIX.COM 06 2 Mic Tabs Badge Holder Extreme Breathability 5 Pt. Break-Away with Quick Release Zipper Adjustable Waist for comfortable fit 2" Silver Reflective NEW 2 Pen Pockets OCCUNOMIX.COM 42 DOR TREATED FABRIC Military Grade DOR - Durable Omni Repellent - Polymer coating enhances fabric durability by repelling water, oil, dirt and stains. Developed for & used by the United States Military. STAY CLEAN STAY SEEN (Liquid just beads off) OIL WATER DIRT EXCELLENT BREATHABILITY WAISTBAND ADJUSTABLE ZIPPER QUICK RELEASE MIC TABS

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