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EVAPORATIVE COOLING COOLING VESTS TERRY TOPPERS TUFF NOUGIES SWEATBANDS HARD HAT SHADES MIRACOOL TUFF & DRY PERSPIRATION MANAGEMENT 25 years of proven cooling Crystal polymers plump with water Activates in 10-15 minutes Designed for quality, not slime Triple washed to avoid bleeding or staining Super absorbent, durable, lightweight material Feels drier to touch Honeycomb texture on one side perfect for wiping down Activates in one minute Designed for 100% evaporative power (no fabric-cover-up) 2 patents pending Anti-mold & UPF 50+ Self activating pouch Chemical-Free Cooling fabric technology Wicks and cools - with or without water Activates instantly; snap when wet 23% more cooling power than microfiber 30% Cooler than your skin when wet Only product tested with proven cooling power* Anti-mold & UPF 50+ Patented *Powered by CoolCore - the rst product worldwide to be awarded the Hohenstein Quality Label Innovative Technology - Cooling Power YOUR GUIDE TO COOL MIRACOOL PVA TECHNOLOGY TUFF & DRY WICKING AND COOLING TECHNOLOGY MIRACOOL CRYSTALS TECHNOLOGY POLYMER TECHNOLOGY WICKING & COOLING TECHNOLOGY MIRACOOL PHASE C H A N G E TECHNOLOGY Cooling effect lasts for hours main- taining a constant temperature of 65 Fahrenheit for consistent cooling. Cooling packs made from non-toxic materials. Adjustable fit at shoulders and torso for cooling your core Available in regular or flame resistant To activate place cooling packs in freezer for an hour or soak in ice water for 20 minutes. PVA TECHNOLOGY MiraCool has been synonymous with the best of evaporative cooling for 25 years - whether it is traditional polymer crystal, PVA or Hyperkewl Technologies - lightweight super-absorbent materials. Our Tuff & Dry products offer thermoregulation products that work through UPF sun protection, wicking and evaporative cooling - with our Coolcore fabric. Made from Hyperkewl fabric that absorbs and slowly releases water Soak in water for 1-2 minutes to activate Reusable and easy to recharge MIRACOOL ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FABRIC OCCUNOMIX.COM 42 HEAT STRESS

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