Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 45 Conquer the Elements

45 ENGINEERED TOUGH Offered in three of our cooling technologies! Bandanas are the simplest and most comfortable way to keep you cool on a hot day. Our newest Tuff & Dry Wicking & Cooling technology is our most advanced yet! Simply wet it or sweat it with its superior dual function Chemical-Free Cooling technology. Made of 100% Polyester-Three Dimensional Honeycomb Knit, that outperforms microfiber by 23%. Look for our three unique styles that fit any job! MIRACOOL COLLAR BANDANA 100% COTTON, HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE, ACTIVATES IN 10-15 MINUTES 949 COOLING BANDANAS MIRACOOL BANDANA 100% COTTON, ASST. BULK PACKS IN 24 AND 100 (01, BDN, CRD) ACTIVATES IN 10-15 MINUTES 940 SINGLE 940-24 24 PACK 940B100 BULK 100 PACK 940-12 12 PACK 940B24 BULK 24 PACK 018 BDN MIRACOOL PVA COOLING BANDANA ADJUSTABLE SLIT CLOSURE, PACKAGED IN RESEALABLE ZIPPER BAG, ACTIVATES IN ONE MINUTE 932-BL UPF 50+ BL WICKING & COOLING BANDANA 22.5" x 22.5", ACTIVATES INSTANTLY WITH A SNAP WHEN WET TD300 TUFF & DRY WICKING AND COOLING TECHNOLOGY MIRACOOL FR BANDANA 100% COTTON, MEETS ASTM F1506, ARC RATING ATPV = 7.2 CAL/CM, NFPA 70E/CAT1 940-FR11 FR11 018 MIRACOOL DELUXE & SUPER BANDANA 100% COTTON, 4 COOLING COMPARTMENTS ACTIVATES IN 10-15 MINUTES 945-018 DELUXE WITH TIE CLOSURE 947-018 SUPER WITH 3 BUTTON HOLD CLOSURE MIRACOOL CRYSTALS TECHNOLOGY UPF 50+ 018 ready logo HVY MIRACOOL HEADBAND COTTON HEADBAND WITH TIE CLOSURE ACTIVATES IN 10-15 MINUTES 954 018 BDN CBL gH~!j!((!!! !!~t!~~! !j!\\~~!!3!I\!;\j!4\! Mt!!!(!H MIRACOOL CRYSTALS TECHNOLOGY MIRACOOL CRYSTALS TECHNOLOGY MIRACOOL CRYSTALS TECHNOLOGY 018 FR11 WAV BDN CBL CRD 06 KHK DFL RFB 03 048 FLA 008 JFL DGC MIRACOOL CRYSTALS TECHNOLOGY MIRACOOL PVA TECHNOLOGY HEAT STRESS ATPV 7.2 CAT 1

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