Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 45 Conquer the Elements

45 ENGINEERED TOUGH TERRY TOPPERS SWEATBANDS An economical choice for sweat absorption Fit under a hard hat or welding helmet Come with an elastic band for a secure fit. Select styles feature an anti-mold treatment Pre-moistened for a softer more comfortable feel! HEAT STRESS 935 Easily attaches to suspension with snaps Activates in One Minute 5 Pack 870 Easily attaches to Hard Hat Suspension with Snaps Individual, 20 (870B20) or 100 (870B100) 880 Middle Layer foam for added comfort Easily attaches to hard hat suspension with fold over clips MIRACOOL PVA TECHNOLOGY UPF 50+ 936 Elastic band for comfortable fit Activates in One Minute 10 Pack MIRACOOL PVA TECHNOLOGY UPF 50+ SB Original soft sweatband No water needed SB25 (25 Pack) SB100 (100 Pack) SBR Anti-mold treated Pre-moistened Available in packs of 25 (SBR25) and 100 (SBR100) SBD100 Anti-mold treated Pre-moistened Thicker sponge to hold more water 100 Pack SBX100 Anti-mold treated 100 Pack The human body's sweat glands can pour out over a quart of sweat each hour, that is 2 gallons in an eight-hour day! RELIABLE REVERSIBLE SWEAT STOPPERS B E S T S E L E R

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