Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 47 Conquer the Elements

47 ENGINEERED TOUGH COOLING SWEATBANDS A SWEATBAND FOR LIFE Our MiraCool PVA Sweatband is next generation technol- ogy. It absorbs sweat and provides cooling relief time and time again. Packaged in large resealable bag. This is not your grandfathers sweatband. TRADITIONAL CELLULOSE ANTI-MOLD TREATED, PRE-MOISTENED, AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 25 (SBR25) AND 100 (SBR100) SBR REGULAR VALUE CELLULOSE ANTI-MOLD TREATED SBX100 100 PACK MIRACOOL PVA SWEATBAND ELASTIC BAND FOR COMFORTABLE FIT, ACTIVATES IN ONE MINUTE 936-BL 10-PACK DELUXE CELLULOSE ANTI-MOLD TREATED, PRE-MOISTENED, THICKER SPONGE TO HOLD MORE WATER SBD100 100 PACK DISPOSABLE BANDS Disposable sweatbands are an economical choice for sweat absorption and cooling relief. All sweat- bands can fit under a hard hat or welding helmet and come with an elastic band for a secure fit. Select styles feature an anti-mold treatment and come pre-moistened for a softer feel and com- fort. Dip in water and go! BLUE ORIGINAL SOFT NO WATER NEEDED SB25 25 PACK SB100 100 PACK SWEATBAND CHART Item Sweat Absorption Cooling Relief Anti-Mold Treatment Pre-Moistened Treatment Density SBD X 60% SB N/A SBR X 45% SBX X 40% ABSORB & COOL UPF 50+ BL MIRACOOL PVA TECHNOLOGY HEAT STRESS

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