Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 56 Conquer the Elements

OCCUNOMIX.COM 56 STATE-OF-THE-ART PATENTED COLD AVENGER Stay out longer with our Cold Weather Face Masks Powered by Cold Avenger. No matter the exertion level you can breathe naturally. The state-of-the-art ventilator warms & humidifies the cold dry air to protect your airways and skin. Available in two styles! NEW Studies show there is no resistance to breath- ing with Cold Avenger technology. The user is able to breathe naturally through both the nose and mouth with air inside the mask 40-60F de- grees warmer than the outside temperature In tests, humidity inside the chamber varied from 70-80% with an internal tem- perature of 66F compared to outside humidity of 15% and temperature of 5F. Ventilation tests show that percent of O2 and CO2during inhalation and exhalation are very similar to normal without the mask, indicating more than adequate movement of air through the ventilator and no accumulation of CO2. WARM HUMIDIFY PROTECT OCEX-REG (BALACLAVA) OCC-REG (FACE MASK) Polyester Breathable Anti-Pilling Fleece Soft Medical Grade Anti-microbial Polyurethane Ventilator LO GO State-of-the-art patented Cold Avenger ventilator IN MASK TEMPERATURE 40 - 60 F WARMER THAN OUTSIDE AIR Inside the ventilator ...dynamically mixes with insulated air . Outside cold, dry air... Inhaled warm & humid air POWERED BY COLD STRESS

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