Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 64 Armed for the Task

OCCUNOMIX.COM 64 R CELLIANT YOUR SKIN RADIANT HEAT INFRARED FLEECE HOW IT WORKS 70 75 80 85 90 95 0 5 10 Temperature (F) Time ( Minutes ) CELIANT NON-CELIANT TEMPERATURE OF HAND WEARING GLOVE IN ICE CELLIANT NON-CELLIANT HANDS STAY 5 FAHRENHEIT WARMER! INFRARED FLEECE INSIDE! Celliant is a cutting-edge infrared yarn technology. It recycles and converts escaping body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost - infrared energy. It doesn't just trap the heat, it returns it back into the skin. The benefits are temperature regulation, reduced hand fatigue, and of course, warmer hands. R BLACK BLACK ORANGE YELLOW REFLECTIVE WATERPROOF WINTER GLOVE CELLIANT INFRARED FLEECE, DURABLE REINFORCED PALM AND WATERPROOF LINER OK-IG300 S-2X WINTER PROTECTION GLOVE CELLIANT INFRARED FLEECE, FORM FIT & DEXTEROUS, PADDED KNUCKLE & PALM OK-IG200 S-2X GEAR GLOVES NEW FOR 2017 FIRST TO MARKET! INF NFRARED FLEECE INSID DE INF NFRARED FLEECE INSID DE

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