Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 76 Armed for the Task

OCCUNOMIX.COM 76 BUMPS. SCRAPES. NO PROBLEM. Our traditional and baseball bump caps are intended to protect you from bumps and scrapes on the job. Our Polyethylene material offers both comfort and superior protection. ACCESSORIES GEAR V450 Traditional Bump Cap Comfortable Protection Suspension adjusts to sizes 6-7 7 /8 V410 (Full Cap) V400 (Bump Cap Only) Baseball Cap Design Polyester Twill High Profile LO GO LO GO BUMP CAP INSERT V86-R (Reg Brim) V86-F (Full Cap) Mesh Cover with Reflective Strip Adds conspicuity to any Hard Hat V897 Insect Net Drawstring with stoppers on each end 17" W X 17" L V350 Chin Strap Compatible with V100, V200 and VF200

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