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81 ENGINEERED TOUGH FLAME RESISTANT MODACRYLIC VESTS WHY MODACRYLIC? Modacrylic, while man-made, is inherently flame resistant. It doesn't melt or drip and will self-extinguish when the flame is removed. In ad- dition, it is comfortable, resistant to abrasion and pilling, and holds its shape versus other fabrics. Made up of a 100% ANSI 107 Modacrylic Aramid Blend. All of these vests meet ANSI Class 2 and are tested ASTM F1506, Arc Rated ATPV = 5.4 cal/cm (Solid) 5.1 cal/cm (Mesh), NFPA 70E / CAT1. Our vests use durable 2" 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material - 8935 Silver Industrial Wash Flame Resistant Fabric. Additional features in- clude Nomex Thread and Flame Resistant binding. SINGLE STRIPE VESTS LUX-SSG/FR SOLID M-5X LUX-SSGC/FR MESH YELLOW ONLY M-5X DUAL STRIPE VESTS LUX-SSFG/FR SOLID S-5X LUX-SSFGCFR MESH M-5X 5-PT. BREAK-AWAY LUX-SSBRPFR M-5X YELLOW ORANGE 1 YELLOW 1 YELLOW SOLID 2 ANSI 107/2015 2 ANSI 107/2015 2 ANSI 107/2015 ATPV 5.4 CAT 1 ATPV 5.1 CAT 1 ATPV 5.4 CAT 1 ATPV 5.1 CAT 1 ATPV 5.4 CAT 1 LASTS TWICE AS LONG! 50 Homewash 30 Industrial Wash ready logo ready logo ready logo

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