Full Line Catalog 2017 Page 85 Built Flame Resistant

LK910FR (Full Face) RK900FR (Hard Hat) 9.5 oz Modacrylic Soft Rib Knit Nomex Thread Arc Rating ATPV = 11.6 cal/cm TNG-FR 6 oz Modacrylic/Tencel Spandex Jersey Knit Nomex Thread Arc Rating ATPV = 4.7 cal/cm LK910NFR (Full Face) RK900NFR (Hard Hat) 8.75 oz Nomex Rib Knit Arc Rating ATPV = 7.8 cal/cm ATPV 7.8 CAT 1 ATPV 11.6 CAT 2 ATPV 4.7 CAT 1 ALL WINTER LINERS COME RETAIL READY COLD STRESS MEETS ASTM F1506 NFPA 70E TUBE LINERS & GAITER WEAR MULTIPLE WAYS 85 ENGINEERED TOUGH FLAME RESISTANT REGULAR 9-10.5" MID 11-13" SHOULDER 14-16" SYMBOL LEGEND T Warming Pocket Warming Pocket lined with: DuPont Tyvek Reflective Strip FR Treated until washed FR TREATED Warmest Warmer Warm LENGTH GUIDE FR COTTON TWILL BEST SELLER ATPV 31 CAT 3 ATPV 26 CAT 3 ATPV 21 CAT 2 ATPV 21 CAT 2 Wind Resistant Superior Warmth 2 Layer Warmth 1 Layer FR COTTON TWILL FR MODACRYLIC COTTON RIB KNIT ATPV 28.6 CAT 3 T SX700 10 OZ QUILTED WITH 3M THINSULATE LINING SHOULDER LENGTH SS550-FR 8.2 OZ PLUSH VELOUR NOMEX/KEVLAR LINING SHOULDER LENGTH SP590 6.5 OZ MODACRYLIC/COTTON JERSEY LINING SHOULDER LENGTH LP690 6.5 OZ MODACRYLIC/ COTTON JERSEY LINING MID LENGTH LZ621-FR 8 OZ MODACRYLIC/COTTON/ SPANDEX RIB KNIT SHELL SHOULDER LENGTH FLAME RESISTANT COTTON TWILL LZ620-FR 2 LAYERS T 2-WAY PREMIUM SHOULDER LENGTH UPPER CAP UNZIPS FROM LOWER LINER Zip-on and off bottom shell to wear two-ways. 6 oz FR Cotton Twill upper shell. 6.5 OZ. Modacrylic /Cotton Jersey upper lining. 18 OZ. Modacrylic/Cotton/Spandex soft rib knit with double button neck closure lower. Insulated ear barrier DuPont Tyvek lined warming pockets and metal Nomex Zipper. ATPV 21 CAT 2 B E S T S E L E R

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