Summer Catalog 2017 Page 16 High Visibility

OCCUNOMIX.COM 16 3.8 OZ. BIRDSEYE SHORT SLEEVE LUX-XSSPB S-5X T-SHIRTS 3.8 OZ WICKING BIRDSEYE NON-ANSI T-SHIRTS YELLOW ORANGE 1 ready logo 3.8 OZ. BIRDSEYE LONG SLEEVE LUX-XLSPB S-5X YELLOW ORANGE 1 ready logo SUPERIOR COMFORT Our proprietary segmented tape design on 3.8 oz. Wicking Birdseye fabric delivers superior comfort and ergonomic movement for whatever your task is. The patented "x" cut into a chevron tape design delivers superior freedom of movement and breathability unlike standard segmented tape. Think high visibility compliance without restrictions! SEGMENTED TAPE T-SHIRT PATENTED SEGMENTED TAPE DESIGN, 3.8 OZ. WICKING POLYESTER BIRDSEYE LUX-TSSP2B SHORT SLEEVE S-5X LUX-TLSP2B LONG SLEEVE S-5X NEW TAGLESS COLLAR FREE SWINGING TAPE DESIGN YELLOW 1 2 ANSI 107/2015 ready logo RETAIL READY

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