Winter Catalog 2016 2017 Page 1 Introduction

00 ENGINEERED TOUGH At OccuNomix, we have been keeping workers safe, seen & comfortable for decades, starting as early as 1982; so you can do what you do in any kind of conditions. From ergonomics to gloves and high visibility apparel we make PPE that keeps you cool, fends off the chill, cushions the unexpected impact, and supports your body against strain. We care about your body at work and because our reputation rides on our name, we push our products to the limit with: Constant Innovation From bringing the best that the world market has to offer in fabrics and treatments to finding new and novel designs that change the way workwear functions. Occunomix is focused on innovation that brings well-made workwear into the future. Confident Workwear Compliance We are committed to third party testing our products as the standards are always increasing and the risks of noncompliance even greater. Particularly today, we feel it is more important than ever to give you products that are proven to be what they say they are and perform the way you need them to; to protect you. Functionally Driven Design We still leverage our foundation in ergonomics to inform and build products that fit the body at work. For this reason, they have the features and design elements that first and foremost make you comfortable. After that, we provide the services that can customize them to the specific way you work - whenever necessary. WORK HAPPENS IN ALL CONDITIONS

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