Winter Catalog 2016 2017 Page 16 Hot Rods

2mm foam insulation 4mm foam insulation POLYESTER PLUSH FLEECE 1 Layer QUILTED NYLON 3 Layers 1 . WARMING PACK POCKETS Two built-in pockets to hold HOT RODS regular size Warming Packs. 2 . ELASTIC FOR SNUG FIT Short elastic strip in the forehead area keeps the liner snug to face. 3 4 2 1 3 . INSULATED EAR BARRIER Warming pack pockets are lined with DuPont Tyvek , a lightweight micro- porous nonwoven material, providing extraordinary protection against wind, water and cold. 4 . REFLECTIVE STRIP Unique strip of reflective film above the back of the neck for work in the low light or dark hours of the day. T SYMBOL LEGEND T Warming Pocket Warming Pocket lined with: DuPont Tyvek Reflective Strip FR Treated until washed FR TREATED * liners have the following features: BEST SELLER BEST SELLER ATPV 21 CAT 2 ATPV 31 CAT 3 ATPV 26 CAT 3 ATPV 21 CAT 2 ATPV 21 CAT 2 *Except VALUE PRODUCTS and otherwise noted 14 WWW.OCCUNOMIX.COM 800-466-0071 LF648 CLASSIC MID LF649 CLASSIC MID LF655 CLASSIC MID SF560 CLASSIC SHOULDER LF650 CLASSIC MID RF450 CLASSIC REGULAR RQ300 CLASSIC REGULAR RQ301 CLASSIC REGULAR XX301 VALUE REGULAR FLAME RESISTANT COTTON TWILL Fleece Lined - 2 Layers 3 Layers 2 Layers SX700 PREMIUM FR SHOULDER SS550-FR PREMIUM FR SHOULDER LZ620-FR PREMIUM 2-WAY FR SHOULDER SP590 CLASSIC FR SHOULDER RETAIL READY ALL WINTER LINERS COME RETAIL READY SEE FULL FR LINERS PAGES 19-20 LP690 CLASSIC FR MID MEETS ASTM F1506 NFPA 70E WINTER LINERS 16

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