Winter Catalog 2016 2017 Page 2 Table of Contents

We have been helping you work in winter for years. And each year our gear gets a little better, the jackets get warmer, the hat designs cooler and the gloves....well, the gloves just plain work better. Our offering this season really reflects our mission of keeping you safe, seen and comfort- able - even at 10 below zero and driving snow. This year we've brought you new, warmer materials and engineered designs that make our workwear both functional and cool (in a warm sort of way). Every new product was tested in the dark, in the cold and in the wind....the best R&D facility we know! NEW OK-IG200 OK-IG300 HEAD NEW TOOLS TO CUT THROUGH WINTER LUX-350-JB BODY HAND LUX-MRB LUX-TBRB LUX-EWRB REFLECTIVE HATS ON PAGE 18 INFRARED GLOVES ON PAGE 12 2-IN-1 BOMBER ON PAGE 4 WE'VE SHARPENED THE EDGE ON WINTER

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